Master printer and artistic director for HighPoint Center for Printmaking Cole Rogers, spells out the complicated process of printing visiting artist Todd Norsten’s work, Ceaseless Timeless Boundless Endless Joy, which at first glance appears to be just blue painters tape. Not so. Rogers utilizes several layers to give the work a unique texture and sheen worth a second or third look. The song Martin Dosh creates in this segment is called Simple Exercises, yet watching him record loops and push peddles is anything but. These elements, like legos, are the building blocks of his songs. Watch and be amazed. St. Paul Central High School students rehearse a piece that deals with racial stereotypes and education. Central Touring Theatre instructor Jan Mandell encourages them to find their own voice and not tip-toe around the issues they face. Musical Director Joseph Schlefke makes sure that Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra concerts aren’t stuffy events. This community orchestra is dedicated to showcasing music by women, GLBT, and minority composers in addition to the lesser known works of greats like Mozart.

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Alpha Centauri
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Small Cities
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