The song Dosh creates in this segment is called “Simple Exercises”, yet watching him record loops and push peddles is anything but. These elements, like legos, are the building blocks of his songs. Watch and be amazed.

Looking for more Dosh action? Here’s more footage of Dosh behind-the-scenes in his basement, and don’t miss Dosh’s awesome “Capture the Flag” video filmed in his basement with Mike Lewis. Educators' Guide

Artist Bio:
Martin Dosh, or “Dosh” as he is known, has been playing drums since he was fifteen years old. A longtime mainstay of the Twin Cities indie music scene (a former member of Lateduster and Fog, among others), Martin Dosh now performs primarily solo when he’s not performing with Andrew Bird’s band. He is a percussionist at heart, but moves between multiple instruments both on recordings and in live settings, and accomplishes a rich, layered sound by looping himself. His music and influence are felt far and wide both here in the Twin Cities and nationally as well. He always sets out to make something he’s never heard before.

Artist’s web site:
Dosh on Myspace