Though relatively newly formed group, Butterfly has already performed for enthusiastic audiences at Carnegie Hall in New York City, Ted Mann Hall at the University of Minnesota, and at the AsiaSociety’s Tiger Ball in Houston among others. All three female members have been awarded Bush and McKnight foundation fellowships and are world class musicians in their own right. Educators' Guide

In this group they each bring unique sounds from around the world. Gao Hong is a Chinese musical prodigy and master of the pipa, a four-string lute, having grown up during the turbulent times of the Cultural Revolution. Nirmala Rajasekar is a world-renowned Carnatic veena virtuoso and vocalist who hails from southern India. Michelle Kinney is an accomplished cellist who spent many years in the New York City contemporary music scene, as well as plays her own arrangements of tunes from her Irish heritage. Here they perform their song Butterfly for the first time in public.

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