Objectives: Since 2008 the Blackbox Acting Program at Washburn High School has provided a safe space for students to create and perform original works rooted in social justice. Led by teacher Crystal Spring, the students perform their work in front of audiences across the Twin Cities, including fellow students and members of the general public. Learn how this program empowers students to engage with issues of social justice directly impacting them and their community and create a scene about an issue that is affecting your community.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How can theater be used to start discussion about difficult issues?
b. What does a program like this do for students? The community?

2) Identify a topic

a. Think about an issue facing your community that touches your life.

i. Write a paragraph describing the issues.
ii. Write a response paragraph describing possible solutions.

3) Create a scene.

a. Using your writing, create a list of characters, setting and dialogue.
b. Be sure you have a clear conflict, goal and motivation for each character.

i. What are your protagonist and antagonist fighting for? How are they different and possibly similar?
ii. How do you want the audience to feel at the end of the scene?