Uri Sands and Toni Pierce-Sands have worked hard to create a dance company that is accessible, even to those who don’t know much about dance. Toni said that people will comment, “I don’t get this dance thing, but this is what I felt,” and that they realize that they actually do get it. When you encounter something new, something that you haven’t been exposed to, how do you react? Are you curious to learn more about it? Are you willing to try to feel something even if you don’t understand it? Or do you try to avoid new and different situations and experiences? How do the artists incorporate emotion into their work? What do you think would be most rewarding about this form of art?

Uri Sands talked about creating a dance company “focused on celebrating unique diversity…[that is] reflective of the community in which it exists.” Create a piece of dance or other art that you feel reflects a community in which you exist. It could be your classroom, your school, your family, your neighborhood, or any community you choose. How can you reflect diverse elements in your art?