Musician and printamker Tom Hazelmyer creates album covers that are works of art and that reflect the music. He wants his work to arouse emotion and move people out of their comfort zone. Write a statement which defines your aesthetic. In other words, what is your idea of what is appealing or beautiful? What aesthetic traits cause you to like a piece of visual art?

Pick a piece of music and design an album cover that expresses the feeling you get from listening to it. Using Tom’s linocuts as inspiration, make a print. Incise a design into a recycled Styrofoam tray or plate using a pencil. Then apply an even layer of paint with a small paint roller or a paper towel, making sure only to apply paint to the raised level and not into the recesses of the design itself. Apply the Styrofoam paint-side down to a blank piece of paper and apply pressure firmly and evenly. Remember—your final image will be a mirror image of your original design: any text needs to be incised backwards to read forwards in the final print.