Musician Mark Olson remembers wanting to join The Jayhawks because he thought, “These were guys that had jobs and cars; if I play with them, good things will happen.” Do you find yourself drawn to successful people? Do you choose who you associate with based on their potential? Does hanging around successful people make you want to achieve more? Does it help you get more done?

Former Jayhawks drummer Norm Rogers was asked to come and play a couple of songs with the band. He said he had to “remember how to play the songs.” Most art forms do not require the artist to revisit the work. A painter generally doesn’t paint the same picture over and over, yet musicians who perform must play the same songs night after night. Choose a piece of art and recreate it several times over on successive days. How does it feel to re-create the same piece? How can you keep it fresh and not get bored with it?