Visual artist Seitu Jones is the fourth generation of his family to live in Minnesota, making his granddaughter, Hunter Powel, part of the sixth generation. Jones says that artists run in his family line, and both he and his granddaughter are artists. How long has your family been in one place? What runs in your family line? Is there a particular profession, craft, or hobby that many people in your family enjoy? Do you feel yourself drawn to this as well? How do both artists view the role of nature in their work? What is the most beautiful thing about this type of art?

To create his music, Heitzeg starts with something else: a color or a text, then composes his music based on how he thinks the artist was feeling at the time he or she created the piece. He is inspired by other forms of art to create art. Create your own piece of art that is inspired by a different form of art. Write music to accompany a painting, or write a poem to accompany a dance.