Objectives: Surrounded by legendary musicians in his childhood, Solomon Parham began playing trumpet at the age of nine. Learn how he transforms his passion for music into a weekly community event and create an event to showcase your own passions.

Tools/Resources: Paper, colored pencils, markers and/or paint.


1) Think about your own passions (i.e.: writing, spoken word, theater, sports etc.). Imagine a weekly event that utilizes your passion to engage a wider community.

a. What is your ideal venue?
b. What is the intended audience?
c. What is the name of the event?

2) Design a poster for the event using your supplies. Be sure to include the location, name and type of event.

3) Regroup to discuss the segment and the posters you created.

a. What is unique about your event?
b. What passion did you use to create your event and why did you choose that passion?