Shelli Ainsworth describes her writing process as being tremendously difficult, in part due to the fact that she draws a lot of inspiration from her personal experience as a mother of a son with autism. She describes her feature film, Stay Then Go, as being a “meditation on sacrifice.”

Write about the sacrifices of the protagonist, Marion. What does she sacrifice of herself? Of her family? Given what you know about Shelli, why do you think this is a difficult subject for her to broach?

Stay Then Go was a way for Shelli to both process her own experiences, but also to bring awareness to autism. She says she wants the film to create openness for her son and others with autism and have a little easier time in the world.

Identify a cause you think is important and use your strengths create awareness around that cause. Are you good at persuasive speaking? Writing? Visual art? Create a PSA, a short play, a poem or a song, for example, that inspires others and brings awareness to that cause.