Shana Kaplow’s visual artwork straddles abstract and concrete. Some of her work depicts photorealistic objects, and some of it seems to reflect the ephemeral world of our dreams.

The work we see in Shana’s segment is called “Close To Home,” which tries to bridge our intimate worlds and the distant world. Write about how Shana uses both medium/technique and themes to illustrate her ideas.

Identify your intimate world and your distant world. What are some aspects of your daily life that you know a lot about? What are some worlds that you know very little about?

Then, on one piece of paper, draw, paint or photo-collage an object that you are familiar with in your intimate world. On a second, depict something from a distant world. On a third piece of paper, depict something that brings together the two ideas or objects.

In your daily life, practice looking for universals rather than differences in people and ideas you encounter—what seems to be unrelated at first glance may be more interconnect than you thought!