Secret Stash Records co-founder Eric Foss realized that he wanted not only to recreate the sound, but the feeling of the funk and soul music that the label was set up to promote. It was this realization that led to the formation of a new band—Sonny Knight and the Lakers. Write a poem about the music that inspires you.

Secret Stash’s approach to business can be summarized with the phrase “if you want something, just go make it.” They’ve learned many skills along the way—from packaging, to shipping and receiving, to promoting an album—with the motto just figure it out.

Think of a project you’ve put off because it seems too hard to do. Now break down that larger project into many “mini projects” so that the overall task seems less daunting. Take action and accomplish the first three “mini projects.” Now that you’ve accomplished something, does the larger project seem more attainable? See if you can achieve success by adopting Secret Stash’s can-do attitude.