Since Red House Records founder Bob Feldman’s passing, the rest of the Red House staff continues his legacy by discovering and developing carefully chosen artists who have a gift for marrying lyrics and craft.

Invent your own record label. What would your label be called? What types of musicians would you support? Identify your “Greg Brown” who would be the impetus for your label. Lastly, write a 1-2 sentence mission statement that sums up what your record label is all about.

Folk singer Claudia Schmidt sang these lyrics at the Red House Records 30th Anniversary concert:
Every step we take is on sacred ground here…
Oh, it’s a promising sky.

Think about the tone and the meaning of these lyrics. Then make a list of the sacred things in your life: the special people, events, objects and places all around you. Discuss in small groups what it is about these things that contribute to your own “promising sky.” What does that phrase mean to you?