Musician Peter Ostroushko told a story about a little town in Teelin, Ireland that all came out to the local pub because they heard musicians were coming to town. Even when the musicians weren’t playing, the townspeople sang their own songs, as Ostroushko put it, to “celebrate themselves.” What do you do to celebrate yourself? Do you treat yourself to music or to something else when you’ve worked hard? Do you reward yourself for the things you do? What does it feel like to celebrate yourself? How did the townspeople feel?
How does Ostroushko incorporate emotion into his work? What do you think would be most rewarding about this form of art?

For one night, spend an evening entertaining yourself. Don’t allow yourself to watch any television, listen to music (unless you are creating it), or read any books. Try to get everyone in your house to participate. How many nights in a row do you think you could do that?