Objectives: One of the goals of Thompson’s work is to inspire engagement and conversation where it otherwise wouldn’t happen. Using his Flag Project as a model, create your own conversation starting flag design.

Tools/Resources: Paper and available art supplies.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How does the artist use unconventional methods to encourage strangers to connect?
b. How does his art start conversations that otherwise wouldn’t have happened?

2) Break off into pairs.

a. Take turns asking your partner about their interests, favorite activities, colors, background etc.
b. Make a list of adjectives based on your conversation with your partner.

3) Using your list, draw a flag that represents your partner.

4) Regroup and, in pairs, present your flags to the class and share the inspiration behind your design.

a. What was something that surprised you to learn about your partner?
b. Did the flag your partner created to reflect you turn out the way you thought it would?