Objectives: Paul Peterson paints images of Colombia to connect to his heritage. Reflect on your own heritage through art.

Tools/Resources: Pen, paper and colored pencils/markers.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Why was it important to Paul Peterson to connect with and create art for his birth family in Colombia?
b. How did Paul explore his heritage through his artwork?

2) Reflect on your heritage.

a. Where did your ancestors come from?
b. What were the traditions of your ancestors?
c. Do you still practice those traditions today? (If you do not know enough about their ancestry focus on your immediate family’s traditions).

3) Using available art supplies draw a symbolic representation of your heritage.

4) Regroup to discuss the segment and your drawing:

a. Why is it important to understand your heritage?
b. What symbols did you use to illustrate your heritage and why did you use them?