When Patrick Pryor began working on his old house, he identified parallels within his painting techniques. Layers of plaster and paint and wallpaper seem analogous with his layers of paint and tape.

What other similarities do the two processes have?

Create your own work of art that uses layers using this DIY scratchboard technique:

White Cardstock Small Roller Brush Shallow Bowls
Black Tempura Paint Colored Pencils Painter’s Tape
Liquid Laundry Detergent Toothpicks

1) Tape the perimeter of your cardstock to your work surface.
2) Use 3-5 colored pencils to completely fill the cardstock with an abstract design.
3) Mix the black paint and detergent in a shallow dish using a 1:1 ratio.
4) Cover the entire cardstock with the paint mixture using the roller brush. Let dry. Repeat until the colored pencil cannot be seen through.
5) Untape your cardstock and use a toothpick or other tool to scratch away the black paint and reveal the colorful layer underneath!