Even though you don’t understand the words, this group of six conveys the upbeat mood of Ramo Ramo. They combine Balkan, Israeli, Swedish, American Polka and Gypsy melodies and rhythms to create their own country. Called Rogaria, it is an imaginary place impossibly bordered by six other countries in which JOY, TOGETHERNESS, and HAPPINESS rule. Write down a list of all the words you know that express joy. You can turn them into a list poem by adding a final line that generalizes or expresses a metaphor for the feelings.

Now make a map of your own imaginary country. Look on their website for a map of Rogaria. Think of countries you’d like to visit and show them bordering your land. Pick a meaningful name for the capital. Add geographical features you would like to visit, such as rivers, mountains, and lakes. Make the shape of it express a feeling. Is it a country of joy or does it express some other emotion? Give it a name.