The group No Bird Sing is unconventional because it does not have a bass player in the band. Vocalist Eric Blair (stage name Joe Horton) says that he would get defensive when people would ask why the band didn’t have a bass player. He would respond, “Why don’t you have a hairstylist?” What kinds of questions make you defensive? What unconventional things about you that are nobody else’s business?

Blair/Horton has a Master’s degree in creative writing. While a person doesn’t need a higher degree to write hip-hop music, he says it has allowed him to trust his writing process. He also describes the group No Bird Sing as “Three artists trying to get better and [their] craft.” What kind of additional training or education would make your creative process easier? What would help make you better at your craft? Do some research to find classes or degrees that are out there that could help you improve your skills. Sign up/register for one!