Objectives: Rooted in tradition and ceremony, dancing is an important part of Native American culture. Hundreds of dances exist, performed by tribes across the United States. Learn about several types of Native American dance and regalia and design your own garment that reflects your heritage.

Tools/Resources: Paper, colored pencils, markers (available art supplies).


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. How is dance used to connect to the past and also illustrate a culture?
b. What traditions did you observe that are new to you?
c. What are the practical applications of the dances?

2) Think about a tradition that makes you feel connected to your own history (the music, food, landscape etc).

a. Using that as a point of inspiration, create a clothing design.

i. What fabrics or accessories would you include?
ii. When in motion how could the garment continue to tell your story?