Educators' Guide

David Lefkowich wanted to present a traditional opera in an innovative way. Usually people dress up and pay a high price to sit in a formal theater. However, Lefkowich directed the famous opera Pagliacci outdoors in the ruins of the Pillsbury flour mills in Minneapolis for a reasonable price. He wanted the audience to be swept away by the story and the music and to want to return. Write about an event you attended that surprised you. Think of a time your parents made you go to a concert, a play or a party which you assumed would be boring only to find that it was exciting and new. Did it convince you to try other new activities?

Now think of an innovative way to do an activity which usually bores or intimidates you. If one of your subjects in school always seems too hard, look at it in a new way. Be your own lighting, setting or costume designer and possibly present what you’ve done to an audience. You may be surprised at how easy it is to write an essay or solve an equation when you think about it in a new way.