In this song from the 1920’s, Maria Jette dreams about finding paradise in MO, OH, OK, or IL. All the activities she’d do in each state rhyme:

I much prefer Chicago, IL
we’d coo and bill
at our own sweet will.
For my heart would thrill.

Write about your own paradise. Describe which state you’d like to live in and give reasons why.

Now write your own poem/lyric about the state you chose. Use the state’s abbreviation, phonetically, as Maria Jette does. In Jette’s song, some of the rhymes also included shortened versions of words. Include some shortened words in your own verse.
Some examples from the song:
…I’d be a perfect ray of sunsh (sunshine)
…It would be more judish (judicious)
…In some posish (position)

In true 1920‘s spirit, make your poem delish by being as silly as you wish.