In their song Dimelo, Cuban son ensemble Malamanya creates several different moods. The first portion of the song is very slow and sad sounding and the colors of the video are muted. The second part of the song, on the other hand, is very lively and the video’s colors become much more vibrant.

Listen to the lyrics of the song. Try to separate them out from the other components that affect the mood—tempo, instrumentation, melody, etc. Does the mood of the lyrics themselves change throughout the song? TO understand the full meaning of the lyrics you might have to look up some Spanish phrases (here’s a hint: dimelo means tell me!)

How does the use of color, tempo and instrumentation change the mood of the song? Work in small groups to try to use those three components to change the mood of an existing song. Either make a sad song happy, or make a happy song sad. Which component did you find to be the biggest mood changer?