Objectives: Artist and designer Maggie Thompson uses textiles to create cozy knitwear and fine art projects exploring themes related to her Native American ancestry. Learn about her process and how she uses her work to explore and challenge difficult issues around race, identity and grief.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve judged solely by the way you look or stereotyped in an offensive way?

i. How did you respond?
ii. How has Maggie Thompson used her work to combat stereotypes?

b. Experiencing the loss of her father significantly impacted Maggie’s art.

i. How did she use her work to process her grief?
ii. How does art create a space for difficult topics or conversations to happen?
iii. Have you ever turned to art to try to understand complicated situations or emotions?