The Leav iPhone app allows people to unlock site-specific art experiences throughout the Twin Cities based on environmental factors like location, season and time of day. The designers hope that the Leav app will lead to a more enriching interaction with our phones and with the physical spaces we pass through.

Identify a physical place you spend a lot of time in or passing by and take time to observe it anew. Describe the space using your five senses—sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. What do you notice about the space you didn’t notice before?

Andy Sturdevant’s Leav project involves researching old artist studios and buildings, several of which no longer exist, and relating them to the modern structures and industries that are in their place: a parking garage now stands in place of the residential hotel where Frances Cranmer Greenman used to live and work.

Create a site-specific piece of art to accompany the space you described above. It can be a performance piece, a visual work or, like Andy’s, a written piece.