Lea Devon Sorrentino says that the job of an artist is to start conversations that push cultural boundaries and make people think about why and how objects function in the world. She presents objects in new ways so that we appreciate their impact and our relationships with them. Choose an object in the classroom or your home. Write about the object in five different ways:

  1. Describe it using the five senses.
  2. Describe how it’s usually used and what new use it could have.
  3. Describe how it feels to be the object.
  4. Describe how you’d like to change it so that you like it better.

Describe how it might be viewed by four different people.

Lea says art conversations don’t need to be lofty – it could just be about what you have to say about the color blue. Get ten people to talk about the color blue and record what they say. Create a sculpture that represents the conversations. What is blue?