Kevin Bowe has been involved in all the aspects of music production since the 1980s. He jokes that his story is so long that his “elevator story” would have to be for a long

Write your own “elevator story” version of an important event. You could start by writing whatever you remember about the who, what, where, when, and how of what happened. Then edit it down to 25 words and see if you can capture the essence.

Kevin has been able to participate in the behind-the-scenes sausage making process of producing a record by writing songs, playing music, teaching others, and engineering recordings. Each of those roles involves a different set of skills. A producer needs to guide a great band like a parent, an engineer needs to be able to experiment with equipment, a musician needs to practice and improve.

Think of a career you would like to have and make a list of the needed skills. Interview someone, visit a place of work, and ask teachers and parents and other adults to find out what is involved in being successful. Then work on improving your skill-set in preparation for doing that work.