“Never Don’t Stay,” a song by rock band Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets, is what’s called a double negative. The same sentiment expressed in positive terms would simply by “Stay.” Think of a time you wanted to leave a place or event but had to stay for some reason. Did you end up enjoying yourself at that event in the end, or were your first impressions correct?

Kevin Bowe references Woody Guthrie’s autobiography, “Bound for Glory” in the title of his band. Woody Guthrie grew up in a small town called Okemah, Oklahoma, in which the town lunatic, commonly referred to as “The Okemah Prophet,” stood in the town square and shouted things that were of importance to him but not to anyone else. Kevin feels like he and his band mates do this same thing in performing their songs in noisy venues where people may not be listening intently. Do you ever feel like The Okemah Prophet? If so, what makes you relate to this character? If not, have you ever witnessed a situation like this where someone was trying to be heard but the crowd was apathetic? Discuss in small groups.