Joe Dowling expected to stay in Minnesota for three years and stayed for twenty. Write about a time when you got so involved in something that you continued with it much longer than you had thought you would. What kept you interested?

Guthrie Theater architect Jean Nouvel designed the new building to take advantage of the beautiful views of the surrounding area. We see the sunshine-yellow windows outside of the Dowling Studio (pictured above) in the segment, and Nouvel also built the Endless Bridge to take advantage of the view of the Mississippi River without having to cut down all of the existing trees.

Now build a model of your own building. It can be a house, a theater, a school, or whatever other building you can imagine. Think about the purpose of the building, and the hypothetical location of the building, and design certain aspects that are in line with those elements. Look up images of the Endless Bridge and the Guthrie Theater in general for some inspiration. Be prepared to explain your choices in front of a group.