JoAnn Verburg’s photographs transform rather than replicate reality. She reminds us that since no one views the world in the same way, there is no “right” way to view the world. Practice alternative points of view by writing as if you were a detail in one of her photographs.   For example:  In the first photo shown – “I am the scarf on the woman lying with her back toward the ocean. I enjoy hearing the swish of the waves, but wish I could see the ocean. I like the soft tickle of her hair, but find the grit of the sand annoying. I wonder how long we’ll be out here in the salty breeze. If she gets cold, will we move closer to her friend?” Try writing two or three of these and see how it affects your view of the scene.

One of the techniques JoAnn Verburg uses is to combine several photographs to make one finished piece. Take 3 or 4 photos of a person, object, or scene and put them together like a puzzle. Does the whole influence your view of the individual photos?