Jeyani and Janani Narayan perform carnatic music with other musicians. It is part of a very old, Hindu oral tradition that is devotional. Even when there are no words, the music itself conveys the prayers. For them, it is an “outlet for emotions and connection to our culture.” Write about your culture. What is your nationality or heritage, and how does it affect your family traditions, your beliefs, your values? Write about meaningful ways that help you appreciate your family culture and connect you to a wider culture.

Often when you travel to another country people ask you to perform something from your culture. It can be hard to think of a song or a spoken word piece that accurately reflects who you are. Prepare something you could use if you found yourself in that situation. Share it with other people and ask them to reflect on what it tells them about you and your culture. Have them do the same and see what you learn about each other.