Unlike other artists, wig maker Ivy Loughborough hopes that her art fades into the background: “I hope people don’t realize there are wigs [in a play production].” When you create something, do you want people to recognize it? Do you want them to recognize you for it? Could you see yourself spending so much time creating something meant to be invisible to the viewer? What is the interaction between “the public” and this type of art? What is most unique about this form of art and why?

Loughborough’s art form is unique because her medium is hair. She must use hair styles to help create the look of a character. When creating a blonde wig for the character of Blanche in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the hairstyle is messy to show that Blanche is losing it. Using your own hair (or someone else if they are brave enough!), create three “looks” that convey three separate emotional states.