Objectives: Michael and Bonnie started the Illusion Theater so they could tell stories that reflected them and their community. Learn about their latest production and the work they are doing to develop stories with high school students.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Do you see your story being told on TV, movies or on stage? Who is telling that story?
b. If not, why do you think that story isn’t being told? How could you work to change that?

2) Write an outline for a play that reflects your life and experiences.

a. Choose an event or person in your life to be the focus of the play.
b. What is most important for you to share in their piece?

i. Is there a stereotype or misconception you want to challenge?
ii. Is there a loved one you want to pay tribute to?
iii. Is there an achievement you’re proud of that you want to celebrate?

c. Map out the arc of your story and characters.
d. Reconvene and share your play with the group.