Eric Rieger, also known as HOTTEA, uses yarn rather than paint in his street art because it’s non-destructive, easy to manipulate, cheap, colorful and has a tie to his grandma.

Eric’s close relationship to his family ultimately led him to change his behavior so that his artwork was no longer destructive to property, or to his family. Write about a time you did something that made a family member or a friend sad. What did you do, if anything, to make amends? Did you stop that behavior altogether? Did you, like Eric, modify the action so that the hurt inflicted was less?

Pick a public place and plan a way to enhance it with art. Would you paint a mural, build a sculpture, design a garden, perform a play?

Make a proposal for your public art installation. Draw or make a collage of your design, including the color schemes, the dimensions of the piece, the location of the piece within the public place, etc. Your proposal should also include things like who you would need to talk to to execute the design (remember—you must have the property owner’s permission!) and a rough budget (how much would supplies cost? Are there any labor costs?)