For a variety of reasons, members of The Family, a band created by Prince in 1985, went their separate ways that same year. They stayed in touch through the years and finally reunited as fDeluxe in 2007. Here’s what band member Susannah Melvoin was quoted in a 2011 Star Tribune article as saying:

“Prince was the great author of all these bands that are books in his life. This particular book he put together unfortunately didn’t get finished. We took the characters and we’re finishing the story. We are the authors of our own lives.”

As the author of your own life, what “books” do you look forward to “writing?”

Listen to the band perform the Prince song Nothing Compares 2 U (made famous by Sinead O’Connor) in 1985 and in 2011. Write a paragraph that compares and contrasts the two performances. Do you prefer one version over the other? Explain why.