Emily uses reduction woodcut printing to reveal nature. To reflect her upbringing in Michigan on a farm and in the woods, she adds a collagraphic layer of grasses and other plants to her prints. Her process involves carving, printing, and then carving again, and she likes the finality of the finished product. Try to write a reflection using a similar technique. Forget the steps of editing and revising and just write from the heart. Describe a scene that feels like home to you (she has images of chickens and trees).

If you want to reveal another layer, zoom in on one of your sentences and write even more about how it makes you feel.


Now make a painting that conveys your feeling about the place you described. Don’t worry about realism, just capture the mood. Use the technique of Eric Carle, the author of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Paint a 12 by 18 inch paper with colors that express your mood. Then cut out shapes from your paper and glue them to another sheet to form your painting. Add plants or other objects if you want. Do you have a better understanding of creating a final product without revision?