Eleanor McGough’s large-scale paintings with miniscule, patterned details emphasize the interconnectedness of the universe. She is comforted by the idea that there are recurring patterns and order amid what seems to be chaos, if we slow down and really look for it.

Do you believe the universe is chaos or patterned? Random or predictable? Write about your view of the universe and why you believe what you do.

Try Eleanor’s painting process for yourself. On a large piece of paper or canvas, apply paint in an abstract and random nature. What does the canvas at this stage suggest? Then add a small, recurring pattern and work within your own “12-inch universe.” What does that pattern add to the larger picture? Then cut it out and glue on some “delicate life forms.”

What do you see now that you’re finished? Title your painting to reflect either what you see in the final product, or how you felt during the process.