When Eddie asked himself what he’d do if he won the lottery, he said he would go back to school to become a special education teacher. Though he didn’t ever end up winning the lottery, he did end up getting his special education teaching degree so that he could have a more fulfilling career.

Write about how you would spend your hypothetical lottery winnings. Would you train for a career? Would you use it to help others? Or do both, like Eddie? Or would you use it for something entirely different.

Eddie experiments in painting by using his hands and by painting over and over again on the same canvas. He finds as much value in the process as in the finished work.

Try his technique and “build” your own painting. Take a painting you did earlier in the year that you really like and paint over it. Was it hard to do? Did you feel like you were ruining something that was already good, or building upon something that was good to make it great?