Photographer Doug Beasley uses photography to find connections with the spiritual or divine in everything. He hopes that his photographs will help lead the viewer further into themselves or down their own spiritual path. Where do you find the spiritual or divine? Do you find inspiration in art?

Beasley says that his photographs don’t feel contrived because he isn’t trying to make a statement himself, but rather to capture the message that his subject is trying to tell him. When you create art do you control and shape the art into what you want it to be? Or does the art sometimes have its own message? What does Beasley want his audience to think or feel when experiencing his art? How does Beasley feel about his art? How much of a role does it play in his life?

Beasley said that photography isn’t always about finding the most beautiful landscape or photographing something that has never been seen before. Take a walk through your neighborhood and try to listen to the messages that objects in nature give you. Try to capture that message in a photograph or sketch.