Although this company is a new venture, their mission remains the same as it has been in their other collaborations. They try to find the “particular beauty” in the chemistry between a story and the society we live in. They also try to “contaminate” younger actors with spirit. They carefully plan and create new works of theater which move people.
They have taken the legacy of their failed company and continued it in a new form. Think about a time when you failed at something. Write about what goals you had and why you didn’t reach them. Imagine how you could approach your goal in a new way and write a plan. Can you get moving again like they did?

The play they share with us was a response to Hurricane Katrina. Do some research to find out more about the hurricane and then craft a response to the stories you encounter. If you want an example that is closer to home, research the 2011 tornado in Minneapolis. Create a poem, a painting, a photo, or an article that expresses the emotions of the narrative of someone who experienced the hurricane.