Cornbread Harris has been making music for 65 years and counting, and he says he likes music better than anything.

Write about what your life would look like 65 years from now if you kept working on the hobby that you like best. Do you think you could make a career out of what is now your hobby? Would your hobby even remain the same for 65 years?

Cornbread lends his time and talents to a local nursing home by playing keyboard for the elderly residents. When recognized at the 2014 Sally Awards for his commitment to the arts, Cornbread says, “If you want to be blessed, be a giver.”

Spend 2 hours “being a giver.” Identify a need in your community (for example: street clean up, tutoring a young neighbor, helping out an elderly neighbor with yard work) and fill that need. Did you in fact come away from the experience feeling blessed?