As coordinator of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program, Christopher Atkins works with contemporary artists to create projects that will resonate with the viewers. By listening carefully to what each artist wants, Christopher knows how to help them move from their initial idea to the final installation.

Write about a work of art that resonates with you. What do you like about it and why? Is it contemporary art or more historical? Are you personally acquainted with the artist?

Because his collection always changes based on the work that is made as part of the MAEP program, Christopher calls himself “a curator without a collection.”

Using the piece of art you described above, curate your own gallery show of 5-10 pieces. You can include other works by that artist, your own work, or a different artist for each work, as long as there is a unifying theme present in all the works. Print out images of the art that will be in your show, and use a shoebox to create a diorama of a gallery space where you can layout where each piece will go.