Objectives: Hmong Qeej (pronounced kheng) player, Chai Lee, performs and explains the significance of this traditional wind instrument widely known as a cultural symbol of Hmong identity. Learn about the instrument and discuss the importance of art and ritual.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper.


1) Chai Lee talks about the importance of traditional Hmong music during rituals like funerals.

a. What are other examples of rituals from different religions and cultures (birth, weddings, religious holidays etc.)?
b. Does your family have any traditions that are specific to you?

i. How does that tradition help you celebrate and feel connected to your heritage?
ii. Are those traditions something you want to pass on to future generations? Why?

2) Draft a proposal for an event at your school or in your community to help mark the beginning or end of the year.

a. What elements could you incorporate to make it feel special for you, those like you and the broader group?

i. If one already exists, what would you change/add?

b. What traditions would you want to pass down to younger generations

i. How will you ensure the tradition is carried on after you leave?