Atmosphere began when two musicians, Sean “Slug” Daley and Anthony “Ant” Davis, clicked based on their work ethic. The label they went on to co-found, Rhymesayers, has played a pivotal role in creating a thriving Minneapolis hip hop scene.

Write about something you have persisted in doing in order to get better at it. What kept you going and what did you learn about yourself? Like Slug and Ant, did you make friends along the way based on your love of the activity?

Slug says his writing is a snapshot of his life and changes with his experiences. In the song “Say Shh,” he writes about having pride in where he’s from. Work collaboratively in small groups to write a rap that shows where you’re from.

First, establish a beat by clapping or tapping out a rhythm. Then, have each person write a stanza. Begin each stanza with “I am from __________.” Include important experiences, people, places, etc. End the stanza with a verse about where your future lies. To conclude the rap, combine all of your experiences into a single stanza that you can rap in unison. Perform your rap for your classmates.