Allen Downs is widely described as a teacher who wanted to give his students the maximum amount of opportunity by sharing what he loved: Tlaxiaco, Mexico and the traditional arts of the region. Write about a teacher or other mentor who helped you build on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. Did they share what they loved in order to help make you a better person?

The Allen Downs Project was organized by Linda Passon-McNally, one of Allen’s students from 40 years ago who studied with him in Mexico as part of the Winter Quarter trip to Tlaxiaco.

Like Linda did, plan a way to pay tribute to someone you admire by creating a multidisciplinary exhibit to honor them. Write a poem, make a sculpture, paint, draw or write a portrait, tell a story about them and/or write a song. Include at least 3-5 pieces of art of different mediums for your “exhibit.” If you are able to, share your work with the person you are honoring.