Allen Brewer says rather than confining him, limitations help him to explore. He takes found objects and transforms them within their boundaries. Find a piece of art in a book or online. Write a “tweetable” description of that work using only 140 characters. Be as thorough as possible. Don’t worry about perfect grammar or complete sentences, but make sure not to lose any important details by abbreviating!

For example, here’s a description of Johannes Vermeers’ painting “Girl With a Pearl Earring”Young girl looks over L. shoulder. Blue+yellow headscarf; brown jacket; dangling earring. Not smiling but not frowning. Black background.

Exchange your 140-character descriptions with a classmate who did not see the original image you based your description on and whose original image you did not see. Try re-creating each other’s chosen work of art using the descriptions provided. Now compare your piece of art to the original. What are the similarities? What are the differences?