In their song Lost You Once, All Eyes creates a certain mood. Some critics use words like lush, textured, and ethereal to describe it. Alicia Wiley uses a breathy voice, and the video is alternately brightly lit, black and white, and colored. The music creates a pattern and the lyrics repeat:

“Lost you once
But I’m not about to do it again.”

Former TV Anchor Robyne Robinson says All Eyes finds the place “where love and pain share the same space” and “reveal secrets of the human heart.” Write about how this song made you feel, in terms of the lyrics, the tune and the visual effects. Do you agree or disagree with the critics? Explain what made you feel the way you did.

Play this game with a group of friends. Make a list of at least 15 moods (happy, sad, etc.) Write each mood on a slip of paper and put the slips into a basket or hat. Take turns randomly selecting moods from the basket or hat, then trying to convey the different moods using only humming and/or musical instruments—no actual words or pantomime. See how many you can guess. Is it difficult to convey mood using music?