Susana di Palma remembers her first encounter with Flamenco in Spain. The year was 1968 when Francisco Franco still ran the show over there. “I never looked back!” she said after walking out of a class in Madrid. Since then, she has formed Zorongo Flamenco in Minneapolis, performed in hundreds of shows, and has produced over thirty theater works that have tackled complex social issues through the riotous lens of Flamenco.

She just finished an outstanding performance at the Ritz Theater called Noches de Verrano that included her guitarist and collaborator Pedro Cortes Jr., singer Oscar Valero, guitarist Jason McGuire, and two of the hottest Flamenco dancers ripping it up on U.S. stages–Nelida Tirado and Yaelisa.

If aren’t familiar with the details of what Flamenco is, we’ve got it here for you complete with a buleria and a rousing Olé!