In the tpt studios, The Starfolk perform their song The Great Unknown.

The Starfolk

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Artist Bio:
The Starfolk is a musical enterprise just lifting off; featuring members of Minneapolis indie pop mainstays “The Owls” and “The Hang Ups,” The Starfolk bandmates Brian Tighe, Allison LaBonne, Stephen Ittner and Jacqueline Ultan make music combining elements ranging from chamber pop to psych/folk/rock to atmospheric/experimental.

Educators' GuideThe Starfolk began in 2008 after a burst of creative songwriting by Brian Tighe and Allison Labonne. All members of the band come from various performance and technical backgrounds. From little formal training to masters degree in performance, this band continues to create a dissonant and experimental sound that they are very excited about.

Artist’s web site:
The Starfolk on Myspace