In the deepest chill of winter a group of eager artists heaves their homemade shelters onto the ice of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota. Soon, a veritable “Shanty Town” emerges— a colorful and eclectic vision that’s one part Norman Rockwell and two parts Beetlejuice: inhabitable monster tails, plywood nap shelters, and spinning platforms are all part of the architectural array.

Started by Peter Haakon Thompson and David Pitman in 2004, Art Shanty Projects aspires to be “part sculpture park, part artist residency, and part social experiment.” With 20 shanties created by artists from up-and-coming fashion designers to robot enthusiasts, and events that include fashion shows and an Art Car parade, the art shantytown has something for everyone. This weekend is your last chance to experience the Shanties until a new batch is erected in January 2014.

Minnesota Music in this Segment:
Gypsy Mania